Born and raised on the Gold Coast, Mitch King has always loved music, as far back as he can remember.  He spent many a road trip listening to artists like AC/DC, Bob Dylan, John Mayer, Neil Young and Coldplay, while traveling on family vacations.

Mitch first started playing guitar at the age of 14. Growing up he didn’t watch much TV, so he’d spend hours playing and listening to music in his bedroom. He connected with John Mayer’s Continuum, which sparked his fascination for electric guitar, and led him to discover Jimmy Hendrix and Santana. But it was Australian folk, rock & blues singer Kim Churchill, who set Mitch on the path to embrace his talent – he saw Kim performing at Woodford Folk Festival, and he was immediately captivated and inspired.

When he turned 15, Mitch began busking most weekends in his hometown of Mt Tamborine,  With an acoustic guitar in his hand, and playing the only 4 songs he knew on repeat, he impressed the passing grannies of Mt Tamborine in South East Queensland, where he earned enough money to buy his first car and build up his music gear arsenal.

In 2014, Mitch independently released his first album, A Life Under The Sun. The single ‘Coming Back’ was picked up by the US football team the Green Bay Packers, who played his song at their season opening match, and shared it across their social media.

During this time, Mitch made the bold decision to move into a motorhome, to travel around Australia performing at festivals and venues across the country.  He entered the Tamworth Country Music Festival Busking Competition, where he performed in front of 5,000 people, and won the competition.  Then only a few weeks later, he was crowned Hottest New Act at St Kilda Festival.

In 2016, Mitch released an EP, Southerly Change. It went straight to the top of the blues chart, where it remained for 10 days straight.

More recently, Mitch has released the singles ‘Burning’ and ‘Believe’, the former of which has over 2.5 million streams. Recent artist supports include Tones And I, America The Band, and Supertramp’s Roger Hodgson.

In 2020, Mitch is focusing on writing new music and collaborating with artists including The Temper Trap, the Pierce Brothers, and Diesel.

It was an eager and orderly crowd that filled the Perth Concert Hall and it was great to see a near full house for supporting artist, multi-instrumentalist Mitch King. Originally from Queensland, King has been supporting America the Band around the country. He opened the night with swampy, dirty blues, belted out through his acoustic, kick drum, foot tambourine and harmonica; he nails it as a one man band. His set was short but sweet mixed with some softer sounds, but Mitch ended on another blues ripper that got the crowd warmed up and ready for the main event. X-Press Magazine – 2019

“Instantly, Believe swells into that classic Mitch King folk mastery. He has a unique way of picking an acoustic guitar—something only the greats like Bon Iver possess, almost as if he was born to play it in the first place. His voice kicks in soon after—it’s warming and comforting and soars higher than he’s done before. AAA Backstage – 2018

“One of the most special parts of the evening (or early morning) was coming out of a Chinese restaurant at 3am and seeing a small crowd gathered at the corner of Little Bourke and Swanston streets, below the arches at the entrance to Chinatown. As we walked toward Swanston Street the musician sitting in the middle of the road began to play – harmonica, drums, guitar. His voice rang out and up Little Bourke Street and within minutes about 50 people had surrounded him – an intimate, open-air concert featuring a one-man blues band. People were dancing, stamping their feet, yelling in ecstasy. We were all transfixed. His name is Mitch King, and he was the best thing I saw at White Night.” Katya Wachtel – Broadsheet – White Night Melbourne – 2017

“Mitch King is an absolute explosion of talent, with fingertips of steel and vocal pipes of a howling steam train, this young lad would be one of our all time favourite artists to have ever graced the ‘Porch’. Great things are a comin’ for this musical love child of Kim Churchill and Ash Grunwald. Unbelievably spell binding to watch, this salty blonde blueshound is definitely one to keep your eye on.” Sharni Honor – The Porch Sessions – 2016

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