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Mitch King is a travelling Artist from Australia and his music is inspired by his love of life and sense of freedom. His relaxed nomadic lifestyle, close bond to nature and love for surfing is pure and it transpires though his songs.

Mitch’s music is recognized both nationally and internationally.  He has had many achievements, from his song “Coming Back” being used to promote NFL Green Bay Packers first home open season game in 2016 to performing internationally and Sell Out Headline Australian Shows.

2017 was a great year for Mitch with the release of EP “Southerly Change” debuting at #2 for 10 days on the iTunes Blues Charts.   In September, first single “Burning” from impending EP was released.  With its beautiful harmonies and heartfelt lyrics the track  sky-rocketed up the Charts and has already achieved over 1.6 million streams on Spotify.

Now with the release of second single “Believe” out 23rd February 2018, its sure to please the crowds. Quote from AAA BackstageInstantly, Believe swells into that classic Mitch King folk mastery. He has a unique way of picking an acoustic guitar—something only the greats like Bon Iver possess, almost as if he was born to play it in the first place. His voice kicks in soon after—it’s warming and comforting and soars higher than he’s done before. Believe is the second taste from his upcoming EP.

Sweet combinations of, electrified, inventive and acoustic music best describes his Roots and Southern Blues style.  Upon witnessing his live shows, you will quickly see his exceptional ability to captivate his audience by delivering powerful and magnetic performances.



“One of the most special parts of the evening (or early morning) was coming out of a Chinese restaurant at 3am and seeing a small crowd gathered at the corner of Little Bourke and Swanston streets, below the arches at the entrance to Chinatown. As we walked toward Swanston Street the musician sitting in the middle of the road began to play – harmonica, drums, guitar. His voice rang out and up Little Bourke Street and within minutes about 50 people had surrounded him – an intimate, open-air concert featuring a one-man blues band. People were dancing, stamping their feet, yelling in ecstasy. We were all transfixed. His name is Mitch King, and he was the best thing I saw at White Night.”  Katya Wachtel – Broadsheet – excerpt from White Night 2017: Gallery + Recap – Broadsheet 

“Mitch King is an absolute explosion of talent, with fingertips of steel and vocal pipes of a howling steam train, this young lad would be one of our all time favourite artists to have ever graced the ‘Porch’. Great things are a comin’ for this musical love child of Kim Churchill and Ash Grunwald. Unbelievably spell binding to watch, this salty blonde blueshound is definitely one to keep your eye on.”  Sharni Honor – The Porch Sessions 2016

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